Fraser's Paradox: Bridging the Housing Gap While Welcoming "Large Numbers" of Immigrants

Regardless of your political leanings or stance on the ever-delicate immigration and housing debate, it's hard not to have a soft spot for Canada's new Housing Minister, Sean Fraser. Ambitious, affable, and apparently not just in it for the office decor, he sat down with us on Monday.

The agenda? A trifecta of probing questions, including:

  1. Will Canada put the brakes on immigration, or is housing construction in a perpetual game of catch-up?
  2. Is the government merely wringing its hands over middle-class homebuyers, or is there a plan in the works to help them?
  3. Just how deep are taxpayers' pockets when it comes to "solving" the housing crisis?

For those seeking answers straight from the Minister's mouth, check out MLN's exclusive video interview that follows.

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