About MLN (MLN) is a professional bulletin analyzing Canada's interest rate and mortgage markets. It's edited by veteran mortgage analyst, long-time mortgage advisor and Financial Post mortgage columnist, Rob McLister.

MLN is designed for those with a vested interest in home financing. Its team has covered the Canadian mortgage market more than any other source since 2007.

That's why, if your livelihood or personal finances depend on...

  • Minimizing borrowing costs
  • Innovative strategic financing
  • Breaking news on lenders and mortgage regulations
  • Investing home equity smarter
  • Buying or selling investment properties, or
  • Keeping your clients informed...

...then there is no substitute for

MLN puts out over 220 exclusive reports a year aimed at:

  • helping mortgage advisors generate at least 2-4 extra deals a year—minimum 400% projected ROI—via strategic marketing, product insights, leveraged investing tactics, rate and term analysis and insights that can be shared with clients and referral sources
  • empowering lenders, real estate professionals, and investors to build their businesses and better time their real estate activities, and
  • informing mortgage pros, referral sources and clients with Canada's most powerful mortgage dashboard, the AI-driven Mortgage Command Centre.
Mortgage Command Centre

For more information, please contact us.

About the Editor

Rob McLister, BBA, is an interest rate analyst, mortgage strategist, Editor of and contributing writer for the Financial Post.

Rob has informed Canadian mortgage consumers since 2007, authoring over 3,000 mortgage columns in that time for Postmedia, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Mortgage Trends, and others. Regularly quoted throughout the media, Rob is an avid consumer and broker advocate who fights for greater transparency in the mortgage industry and in policymaking. 

In 2011, he launched two fintechs: mortgage comparison website and digital mortgage broker intelliMortgage Inc. Both companies were acquired in 2019 by Kanetix Ltd., an Ontario Teachers Pension Plan company. He went on to launch in 2022.

You can follow him on X at @RobMclister.

Rob McLister, Editor,


MLN's function is to provide mortgage analysis, news and data. It does not:

  • offer or arrange mortgages
  • refer to mortgage providers
  • receive commissions
  • provide mortgage advice to individuals.

The Editor of (MLN) maintains a mortgage agent license (#: M08005031) with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, via Advent Mortgage Services Inc. (#10149).

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