Unlock Home Equity with a Swipe: Meet the Groundbreaking Bloom Card

ICYMI: A.I. has put mortgage marketers on notice: Sprint or get sprinted over in 2024. The story.

It's not every day the reverse mortgage world gets a shake-up, but Bloom Finance is about to crash the party.

After several quarters of development, the company launches its new Bloom Home Equity Prepaid Mastercard this week.

The Bloom card lets 55+ homeowners draw against their equity at will, simply by using a charge card. The product is the first of its kind in Canada—a veritable game changer that cuts interest expense while helping seniors access their home equity on demand.

The product comes from Bloom Finance, a David competing against the Goliath of the reverse mortgage business, HomeEquity Bank — as well as the #2 player, Equitable Bank.

If you're a senior who wants to tap your nest egg more cheaply and efficiently, or you're an advisor dishing out such advice, give the Bloom Card a peek. Here's why...

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