Lessons from Boris Bozic's 35 years in mortgages

Mortgage Hall of Famer Boris Bozic began as a mortgage broker before building one of Canada's most successful mortgage finance companies, Merix Financial. After selling it to MCAP in 2021 and transitioning the company over, he departed Merix last month.

MLN wanted to interview him before he sailed off into the sunset, for two reasons. One, he's one of the smartest people we know in the Canadian mortgage space. And two, he knows how to run a highly profitable mortgage business and there's a lot we can learn from his experience.

In the video that follows, Boris shares pearls of wisdom on lender funding, optimal broker models, online competitors, the viability of broker commissions, building a salable business, arrears risk, trailer fee economics and more. If you're serious about mortgage origination, you won't want to miss it.

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