Condo Mogul: Bob Rennie's Candid Thoughts on Today's Real Estate Challenges

Bob Rennie is unquestionably one of the most successful real estate marketers in Canadian history. In his early days as a realtor, he was famous for selling a property a day. His development promotion expertise later earned him the nickname the condo king.

MLN soaked up Bob's insights on various real estate issues weighing on this country. Among other things, he shared:

  • Why home price declines are skewed
  • The biggest reason for housing unaffordability
  • The financing requirement that helped build Rennie's business
  • Rennie's "secret" to real estate marketing
  • How the foreign buyers' tax impacted the market
  • How the foreign buyers' tax elevated racism
  • Why Canadians need two properties to get ahead
  • How soaring rates in 1981 crushed him for years
  • His government-sponsored financing strategy.

Without further ado, here's our chat...

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