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Rate Psychology Shifts

💡Also in this weekend's edition: • CMHC Makes Controversial Multi-Family Move • Mortgage Bytes⚠️Important note for Outlook users: Outlook has made changes that may affect the deliverability of MLN bulletins. If you don't see MLN emails in your inbox or bulk folder, have your Outlook administrator "

8Twelve Mortgage Corporation Partners with NerdWallet

💡Also in this edition: • The latest from RateLand • The Value Zone (with new fixed-variable research from Desjardins) • Mortgage Bytes Toronto-based mortgage broker 8Twelve Mortgage Corporation has just scored a lucrative long-term revenue-sharing pact with NerdWallet (Nasdaq: NRDS). San Francisco-based NerdWallet is a global financial information juggernaut. In Canada, it competes
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