MLN Interviews MCAN: Value Mortgage Leader. Stealth Wealth Builder

When the public thinks about where to get a mortgage, MCAN doesn’t pop up on most radars. However, for status brokers in the know, MCAN is sometimes invaluable for ultra-rate-sensitive insured clients. It also fills some quirky non-prime niches.

And then there's its stock. Investors know MCAN Financial for its irresistible dividend (almost 10%), payout track record and 12.39% ten-year compound annual growth rate. MCAN is also Canada's largest Mortgage Investment Corporation ("MIC") and the only federally regulated MIC.

MCAN Home, the company's residential lending arm, squeezed out $940 million in originations last year. That's small fries in the grand scheme of things. Yet, given its 10% annual growth ambition, the company seems poised to climb the lender rankings.

MLN recently grabbed a moment with MCAN Financial CEO Don Coulter and COO Avish Buck. We asked a bunch of questions we thought brokers and investors might want to know (including about that fat dividend.)

MCAN Financial CEO Don Coulter & COO Avish Buck

In the video chat below, the two unpack:

  • How falling rates juice up mortgage demand
  • OSFI's new LTI limits
  • Sustainability of MCAN's low-rate model
  • How MCAN's direct-to-consumer deposit model is faring
  • Don Coulter's thoughts on going direct-to-consumer with mortgages
  • MCAN mortgage niches
  • Securing uninsured prime funding
  • Why MCAN's dividend yield is stuck in the juicy 9% to 10% range.

Catch the full interview here...

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