The AI Era: Mortgage Marketing's Unprecedented Upheaval

Also in this edition: Starting Soon. The Mortgage Market's Main Event

Mortgage pros are entering the thick of the most pivotal marketing disruption since the .com boom.

In his earnings report Wednesday, the CEO of AI powerhouse Nvidia, Jensen Huang, dropped a truth bomb. Generative AI has "hit the tipping point," he told Wall Street analysts. Its critical mass and widespread adoption is now reshaping consumer research and product selection habits forever.

Mortgage marketers who ignore this seismic shift—specifically those who rely on old-school online lead-gen—could find themselves in a digital prospecting desert. No one wants that. And through MLN's reporting, we'll work hard to ensure it doesn't happen to you.

As the days unfold, we'll chronicle how AIO (artificial intelligence optimization) is surmounting traditional SEO and how mortgage pros can not just survive it but cash in on it.

The truth is, the sharp cookies in the mortgage biz started thinking about this by mid-last year. For those who haven't, it's not too late. Here's a cornucopia of AI/search marketing ideas to ponder so you're ready for every spring market to come.

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