One-on-One with Home Trust CEO Yousry Bissada

"As soon as we give someone a mortgage they’re thinking about ways to get out of it." — Yousry Bissada, Home Trust CEO

In today's low-volume mortgage market, brokers are hunting leads like they're the last slice of pizza at a frat party. Home Trust CEO Yousry Bissada has ideas to help. In this exclusive one-on-one, he shares two niches that'll increasingly drive volume for astute mortgage marketers.

Bissada, one of the most straight-shooting CEOs (and all-around good guys) in this business, also drops insights on:

  • What's holding back mortgage volumes
  • How OSFI's new Loan-to-Income limit could play out (including potential rate premiums)
  • Open banking as a game changer for deposits
  • An autopsy on the death of prime lending at Home Trust.

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