How Times Have Changed for Leveraged Investing + 10 Smith Manoeuvre Tips

For decades, homeowners have used leveraged investing techniques like the Smith Manoeuvre (SM) to turn dull old mortgages into tax-deductible debt, pay off those mortgages quicker and build more retirement assets.

Some of you use the SM yourself — or have sold mortgages (or want to sell mortgages) to people who use it.

If you're one of these people, read on because higher interest rates and regulations have altered the landscape. MLN spoke to three leveraged investing experts to get their updated takes and best practices:

  • Financial planner and tax accountant Ed Rempel (link)
  • Financial planner Jason Heath (link)
  • Smith Manoeuvre Advisor Robinson Smith (link)
A short primer for the uninitiated: What is the Smith Manoeuvre?

What's new/changing?

Compared to 2002, when Fraser Smith first popularized the strategy, two fundamental factors have changed, and both impact one's probability of success with the Smith Manoeuvre.

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