BMO's Broker Channel Reboot is Imminent, and It's A New Dawn for Originators

It's the comeback story of the year in Canada's mortgage market. As MLN first reported seven months ago, BMO is looking to shake up the industry after an almost 17-year absence from the broker channel.

Brokers, always in need of better prime uninsured mortgage options, have waited a long time for this. And now, that wait is over because by this time next week, the banking giant will be underwriting 3rd-party deals.

For the lowdown on BMO's broker rates, products and secret sauce, we caught up with Hassan Pirnia, Head of Home Financing and Personal Lending Products at BMO, and Justin Scully, Head of BMO BrokerEdge, the bank's new broker division.

If you're in the mortgage game and need to understand how this affects your business, you'll want to hear what they said...

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